Anytime a technology advances faster than our ability to understand it, it produces fear, suspicion and uncertainty.

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Selected Talks AND public DEMOS

“DNA Cooking Show” (April 2019) Singularity University Canada Summit, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

“Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero” (February 2019) OpenCell, London, UK.

“Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero” (February 2019) Biomakespace, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK.

“Science Communication” (July 2018), IGEM North American Kick Off, University of Calgary.

“The next 99 million” (February 2017) Startup Showcase Silicon Valley, Google.

"Stem by Design" (February 2017) 2017 COSSOT STEMinism Conference, University of Toronto.

“Biological boundaries: The next 99 million bioengineers”(November 2016) Biofabricate, Parsons School of Design.

Panelist: “Biotech and Art” (November 2016) Hacking Arts, MIT Media Lab.

Panelist: “Driving Change and Creativity” (October 2016) WCET's 28th Annual Meeting, WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies.

Amino Labs Demo (October 2016) Genomics in the park, Ontario Genomics.

Amino Labs Demo (October 2016) Digital Media and Learning Conference 2016, University of California.

Amino Labs Demo (October 2016) Exponential Medicine, Singularity University.

“The Next 99 Millions : The future is Biological” (October 2016) Media Lab Startup Event @ Members Week, M.I.T. Media Lab.

Amino Labs Demo (September 2016) Alchemists of our Time, ARS Electronica festival 2016.

Hands-on Accessible Bioengineering (February 2016) M.I.T. Museum

"De la Bière qui Glow-in-the-Dark" (May 2016) l'Échapée-volée

"Amino Labs: Accessible biology by design" (June 2016) La Paillasse, Paris

"Amino Labs: Accessible biology for ages 8 and up" (June 2016) Cambridge University, Cambridge

"Accessible bioengineering: What does it mean for Academia" (June 2016) Teesside University

"The Future of Personal Bioengineering: Amino Labs" Demo Day 2016, IndieBio SF 

Amino Labs Demo Showcase Award-Winner (January 2016), O'reilly Design Conference 2016

"Accessible biology by design" (November 2015) China Association of Science and Technology HQ.

"Trends in Augmented Reality and Print" (June 2015) Paris

Amino Labs Demo (June 2015) Interaction Design and Children Conference 

Solarburst: Wearable 3dimensional Solar Cells (February 2012) Sixth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interactions

Panelist: "Unstable Media Test Labs" The 17th international symposium on electronic art, ISEA2011-Istanbul