Born Montréal, Canada

Julie Legault is the creative director, founder and CEO of Amino Labs inc, the company pioneering accessible bioengineering in the home and school.

As a designer, Julie works to make scientific and technological innovations approachable to the public, crafting experiences and products that invite culture shifts.

She holds a Master of Art from the School of Materials at the Royal College of Art (UK), degrees in both Design Technology and Arts from Concordia University (Canada), and a Masters of Science from the MIT Media Lab, massachusetts Institute of technology(USA). She has taught at Birmingham’s Institute of Art and Design (UK) and worked with multi-nationals (aston Martin, nokia, bombay sapphire,audi, etc), , museums, and pop stars like rihanna and imogen heap to develop smart materials, wearable technologies, and interactive art. 

Julie is a fellow of the Coaching fellowship program for extraordinary young women leaders of impact. 

Educated at

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Media Lab

Royal College of Art - School of Materials

Concordia University - Design and Computation Art

Cegep Vieux-Montreal - Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design


V2_ lab for unstable media -  2011

residency at