Space and Time are not conditions in which we live, they are simply modes in which we think.

Because time slows when I'm with you, and time flies, and times stops with every heartbeat.

Stretching or shrinking hours at the beat of your heart, the heartbeats watch is a timepiece in which the duration of time is paced not by seconds but according to the wearer's heartbeat. 

Through a heightened awareness of self, the heartbeats watch brings together art and science to reveal emotional complexity of time and the human body. A poetic investigation of the physiology of emotions, health, immortality, and control, the watch bridges the gap between society and medical science, invoking a broader cultural perception of life.

Developed under the working title of "The superpower of time control" the watch is a tool of self-awareness and a thing of wonder. 

With the support of  v2_institute for the unstable media.